Deep Forest Sciences Partners with Michigan Institute of Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE) to Launch the SciFM Initiative

Deep Forest Sciences


Deep Forest Sciences is excited to announce its collaboration with the University of Michigan to launch the Scientific Foundation Models (SciFM) initiative led by UM Associate Professor Venkat Viswanathan. Supported by a one-year grant from the Department of Energy, the initiative has received the DOE INCITE award for 200,000 node hours on Argonne National Laboratory Polaris to train the foundation model, and has been selected as part of Microsoft’s Accelerating Foundation Models Research Initiative.

The SciFM initiative aims to leverage large amounts of unlabelled data in scientific domains. To start, the effort will focus on developing scientific foundation models for Generative AI in materials design, PDE modeling, and autonomous scientific discovery. Deep Forest Sciences’ expertise in molecular foundation models, particularly in the field of drug discovery, has given us significant insight into scientific foundation model design and development. This expertise will be leveraged to accelerate battery design among other applications. The SciFM initiative highlights Deep Forest Sciences’ commitment to using scientific foundation models to accelerate scientific discovery for the common good.

To learn more about the SciFM initiative, visit SCIFM website. MICDE’s press can be found here.

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